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Board of Directors


Deepak Gupta

(he/him) Deepak Gupta is the fearless leader of the Oakland Triathlon Club. Deepak believes variety is the spice of life which is why he loves triathalons. Training in three sports he loves is as good as it gets. When he's not training, Deepak enjoys cooking for his family, camping, brewing coffee or touring local breweries in the east bay. He works early morning east coast hours and is usually up for a ride, run, or swim anytime after 2:00 pm during the week. Give him a shout if you're interested!


Cyrus Farivar

(he/him) Cyrus (“Suh-ROOS”) is still new to triathlon, having completed his first two races in 2022. He is always happy to nerd out anytime on cargo bikes, beer, Star Trek, and public records requests.

He tweets too much at @cfarivar.


Leanne Hemminger

(she/her) A former swimmer, Leanne got started in triathlon in 2021 after she bought her first adult bike and was quickly hooked. She prefers longer distance races (slow and steady!) and has completed a handful of 70.3s as well as Ironman California. She looks forward to long-run Sundays as an excuse to catch up on her favorite podcasts. Outside of multisport, she’s also an avid bowler and trivia goer (specializing in the music round).


Varun Kaushik

(he/him) A former overworked manufacturing engineering career led to finding cycling as a way to destress in 2019. It quickly turned from hobby to life passion completing multiple century rides. Now I look forward to multi sport endeavors and also approaching my fitness journey more holistically…expect to earn my first Yoga teacher training certification in 2024!


Milica Grahovac

(she/her) Drawn to triathlon as a fun and versatile way to stay fit, Milica joined the OTC in 2022, long after competing for the first time at the Oakland Triathlon Festival in 2017. She enjoys the fruitful club environment and is grateful to be exposed to many excellent athletes of different backgrounds. When not tackling a bike, run, or swim training session, she might be practicing violin, or even playing tennis with Varun.


Kristen Curliano

(she/her) New to triathlon and completing her first in 2023, Kristen has led an active life in other aspects including many running races, weight lifting, getting her personal trainer certificate and previously coaching group fitness classes. She is looking forward to getting deeper into the multisport community.


Lesely Wallace

(she/her) Lesley helps coordinate volunteer efforts at races (triathlon and otherwise).  Tris are an excellent outlet for her outdoor enthusiasm and is always looking for friends to exercise outside with.


Jason Agbayani

(he/him) Jason got into triathlons in 2018, having previously known nothing about the sport. He is self described as a little bit "extra" so this perfect for him. He went from barely able to completing a sprint to completing a couple of 70.3's, and IMAZ. He has lived in Northern California his entire life except for a year spent teaching in South Korea. While not training, he enjoys spreading the gospel of Peloton.


Emily Giordano

(she/her) Growing up on the east coast as a swimmer and runner, Emily got into triathlon after graduating college and going out for weekend bike rides with her dad. Work brought her to the Bay Area in 2018. An OTC member since early 2019, Emily has enjoyed the club’s support in races such as Escape from Alcatraz and Santa Cruz 70.3. She favors any social rides that involve treats like Johnny’s Donuts. When not swimming, biking or running, she will likely be trying a new restaurant in Oakland or taking her dog Bailey to Lake Merritt.


Cameron Snyder

(she/her) As people from Connecticut do, Cameron started her athletic journey in sailing taking it to the collegiate level in upstate New York. Immediately needing some sunshine after college, she moved out West and has found a love for everything the Bay Area has to offer outside. She turned the off-water sailing training into triathlon and has competed in three 70.3 as well as a solo bike tour from SF to San Diego. During the day, she works corporate strategy/HR. She's excited for to be the membership director to connect with everyone and help more people get into the sport!


Chris Van Luen

(he/him) Chris is the Founder of the Oakland Triathlon Club. He is an avid racer and connoisseur of good cake.

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Oakland Triathlon Club is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Oakland, California. 


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